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*Please arrive on time for registration, as we cannot accommodate latecomers.*

Giveaways will be held throughout the afternoon Sunday near the 5v5 field.

Must be present to win.

All players should bring a reusable water bottle.

Friday- Yerba Buena High School

3:00-9:00 pm Modding Party (Large Gym)

3:00-9:00 pm BLASTER EXPO with Special Guests, Sponsors, and Vendors (Large Gym)


Saturday- Yerba Buena High School

10:00 am     Registration, Chrono for Stalking Dead Begins (Outside Large Gym) 

                    ****LUNCH BREAK (bring your own water/food)****


12:00 pm     The Stalking Dead Team Arrangement/Rules (Outside Large Gym)

12:30 pm       The Stalking Dead Begins (School Grounds)

4:00 pm       AMNESTY ****DINNER BREAK (bring your own water/food/chairs)****

5:30 pm       The Stalking Dead Resumes (School Grounds)

9:00 pm       Game Ends, Dart Sweep/Cleanup Begins

10:00 pm     Gates Lock, Vacate School Sunday at a new location

Sunday- Del Mar High School

7:30 am       5v5 Registration & Chrono 

9:00 am       5v5 RULES/WELCOME (All teams must be checked in, see 5v5 schedule for game times)

9:45 am       Superstock Registration & Chrono Begins 

10:45 am     Superstock RULES/WELCOME (Players must be checked in) 

11:00 am     Superstock

1:30 pm       ****LUNCH BREAK (bring your own water/food)****

3:00 pm       5v5, Superstock Resumes, 1st Giveaway Drawing

4:30 pm       Superstock Ends

5:00 pm       5v5 FINALS, 2nd Giveaway Drawing

5:30 pm       5v5 Awards Ceremony, Final Giveaway Drawing

6:00 pm       Clean Up All Ammo/Props/Equipment

8:00 pm       Gates Lock


Thank you for coming, see you next year!

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