What is the FPS cap?
130 fps
What is the age limit?
The Stalking Dead: Ragnarok is 13 and up, Sunday's Superstock games are 6 and up. This is NOT a drop-off event. Children under 18 must have a parent or guardian present, and 12 and under require parental participation.
Do I bring ammo?
NO! All ammo is provided. We'll be providing waffle head and accu-fake full lengths, Worker short darts, Rival rounds, and Mega darts
Can I bring melee or shields?
Melee IS allowed! You Can bring Melee, but not shields for Stalking Dead. You CAN bring your own melee and shields the Superstock games on Sunday Please read the Official Rules for more details on what is allowed.
Can I wear a Mask?
NO!  Masks are not allowed on campus. This is a rule from the venue. We must be able to see your face!
What about flashlights?
No flashlights.

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