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The Stalking Dead: Ragnarok

Ragnarocktoberfest brings you ...The Stalking Dead


Someday – whenever the Norns, those inscrutable spinners of fate, decree it – there shall come a Great Winter (Old Norse fimbulvetr, sometimes Anglicized as “Fimbulwinter”) unlike any other the world has yet seen. The biting winds will blow snows from all directions, and the warmth of the sun will fail, plunging the earth into unprecedented cold. This winter shall last for the length of three normal winters, with no summers in between. Mankind will become so desperate for food and other necessities of life that all laws and morals will fall away, leaving only the bare struggle for survival. It will be an age of swords and axes; brother will slay brother, father will slay son, and son will slay father.

Story Timeline

  • Chapter 1: 3pm - 5pm

  • Amnesty Dinner break 5 pm - 6 pm

  • Chapter 2: 6pm - 8:15 pm

  • Chapter 3: 8:30pm ish

Captain Rules

  • Captains cannot die during the starting chapters of the game (this will change later in the game).

  • Each time a captain is either shot or tagged they have to go back to their base and respawn after 3 minutes

Resource Rules

  • Resources are scattered around the play area. These will either gain your faction victory points or extra lives to survive the Undead Apocalypse. Be careful, as some resources may be booby-trapped. 

  • Only one resource can be carried at a time.

  • Players cannot drop and hide resources found in caches other than at their base.

  • Resources on a person must be dropped when tagged or hit by a dart. At that point any human can pick them back up as long they aren’t carrying another resource.  Undeads cannot pick up resources.

  • Victory Points

    • Food (1 vp)

      • Food is represented as cans that gain your faction 1 victory point when brought back to their faction’s base.

    • Water (5 vp)

      • Water is represented as flats of water. Blasters and melee cannot be used while carrying flats of water.

      • A player can place the water down in order to shoot.

  • Fortification provides the means to protect a faction’s base.

    • Fortification is represented as cover made of PVC piping and must be assembled to be made effective

    • Players carrying the Fortification cannot shoot or use melee

    • If a faction assembles 15 Fortifications in their base (effectively making a wall), other factions can no longer steal their resources

  • Paper bags containing ammo caches will also be scattered about the play area, but are not considered carried and droppable resources, which means as many can be carried and redistributed as desired. 

  • Small Runes, when turned in to your base Moderator, will provide that player with an extra life.

  • Large Runes, when turned in to your base Moderator, give that player two extra lives.

  • All resources in your possession and ammo on campus must be returned to the registration area at the end of the game or if you leave early. 


    • YOU MUST CARRY YOUR NUMBERED KEY FOB AT ALL TIMES. Your KEY FOB keeps track of the number of lives you have. (Lives can be subtracted or added at your faction base by a Moderator.)

    • Humans must wear bandanas on their arms above the elbow.

    • Each player will start with 54 of any type of ammo they prefer and is selected and picked at registration. (Socks are included in your ammo count.)

    • No pushing or making contact with other humans ever, (ie: pushing people on stairs)

    • Each human will start out with a set number of lives. Lives loaded onto your KEY FOB only matter when it comes to human dart tags, not Undead tags.

      • Each dart hit prompts the player to raise their hands and loudly count 5 Mississippi’s as they “bleed out”. During bleed out, they are vulnerable to Undead tags and open to Healer revivals. Assuming they don’t die by Undead tag while bleeding out or are not revived, the player raises their glow bracelet up, indicating they are out of play, and must to go to their faction base to respawn and scan their KEY FOB, losing one of their lives. Humans are invulnerable to all tags during this time until they have respawned.

      • To initiate respawn, players bring their Key Fob to a station located in their base. Player sweeps their key fob over the scanner to have a life deducted from their pool.

      • Respawning Humans stay at their base for a duration of 1 minute after their key fob swipe and are not considered in play. Please keep track of the time via your cell phone or by counting 60 Mississippi’s. 

    • If an Undead tags a human, the human will drop their gear at the Undead base and spawn as an Undead.(Use our Blaster “Coat Check” to check in your blaster for safekeeping, put your blaster in your car, or place it with a non-player.)

    • Immediately after being tagged, you must remove your bandanna from your arm and wear it around your neck.

    • After coming back into play as an Undead, you must wear your bandanna around your head and begin playing as an Undead.

    • Humans may throw socks, use approved melee weapons, or fire foam dart blasters to stun Undeads as follows

      • NO SHOTS ABOVE THE COLLARBONE. This is a safety issue.

      • Do not shoot any non-players. YOU WILL BE BANNED if seen or reported for doing so.

      • All blasters and socks must be cleared by a moderator at registration (check main event rules for restrictions). This includes functional modifications and decorative ones. No blaster may look like a real gun as per our agreement with the Police Department. The use of non-approved gear will result in banning. Blaster Chrono checks are mandatory (10 am-2 pm). 

      • 130 FPS is a soft cap, we will take the average of three shorts through the chrono.  You must chrono with the same ammo you intend to use in-game.  

      • Blowguns of any kind, even if they only fire foam darts, are illegal in California, and thus are not allowed.

      • Blaster darts may not be thrown from a player's hands to stun anyone. Do not hit anyone with your blaster.

      • Once a dart hits a wall, person or ground, that dart is considered dead, and all subsequent ricochets will not count as hits.

      • Socks may not be weighted in any way and must be made according to the specifications in our tutorial video; DO NOT USE DIRTY SOCKS. 

      • Outside shields are not allowed, only 3 (1 per team) moderator provided shields will be used.

      • Melee weapons constitute half pool noodles and nerf brand foam swords.

        • Melee weapons from other toy companies might be considered in person subject to moderator approval. Generally, weapons from LARP companies won't be allowed. This is to simplify the check-in process. Nonthrowable melee do not count towards your ammo count.

        • Melee weapons may not be dual-wielded.

        • Melee weapons can block darts - this applies to both humans and zombies

        • Melee weapons cannot be thrown unless they are approved for throwing.

        • Melee weapons do not count towards starting dart cap but socks do.


    • Undead ranged projectile tag rules (Spitter socks - green colored and only wielded by Undeads, and Beast rockets - can only be used by Undeads) 

      • If hit, humans are stunned, must take a knee, and cannot move or attack with blasters or melee. Non-tagged Humans can move stunned players (by placing a hand on the player and moving together) to any building’s doorway and remove the stun effect after 15 out loud Mississippi's. Players do not enter but stay next to the doorways to revive.

      • The stun effect can be removed by healers using the same rules as with a dart hit. 

      • There will be Undeads that can only be hurt by socks, approved throwable melee, and mega projectiles. 

    • Power Ups

      • Vs other Humans

        • Healer (Doc)

          • 5-second (5 Mississippi's out loud) touch on the back or the arms with a stethoscope to revive (Pauses bleeding out count)

          • Must revive the human before the "bleed out" period ends

          • As long as a Healer is in contact with the player, the bleeding count is halted.

        • Riot Shields

          • Megas and sock (excluding green spitter sock) hits to shields count as a tag to the player wielding a shield.  

          • It’s important for players to call out Mega and Sock tags to shield wielders because it’s very difficult for shield wielders to distinguish different ammo types fired at them.  Please abide by rule 0 and be honest when calling and taking Mega and Sock hits.

          • Shields are only transferable between players when the wielder runs out of lives or is tagged by an Undead. If the shield wielder is turned or runs out of lives, she/he will return the shield to their faction base where it can be transferred to another player.

          • Undead tags to shields are considered a tag just like tags to garments (bags and pouches) are also valid.

          • Absolutely no bashing into another player with a shield at any time. Doing will cause the player to lose shield privileges. 

      • Vs other Undeads

        • Rune Circle of Protection

          • A Rune Circle is a yellow flexible “hoop” with glow in the dark tape that is carried on the body like a sash but is deployed and active only when placed on the ground.

          • It is to be used only once, discarded after use, and cannot be moved from its original deployment spot.  

          • A Rune Circle “breaks” and will be removed by a moderator after 1 minute of no use after all human players have left it.

          • Any human can enter and use an active Rune Circle (hoop) regardless of faction

          • Rune Circles (hoops) do not work in the last chapter

          • Humans are immune to Undead tags until they step out of the circle (hoop), but are not immune to human tags (darts)

        • Tunic of Life

          • Extra life against Undead tags 

            • The Tunic of Life is an Orange Safety Vest

            • In the first two chapters, if you are tagged by an Undead while wearing Tunic of Life, return the suit to your base mod before resuming play, and remain unturned

      • Captain Powers

        • Seer Insight

          • Can be used twice

          • Captains can ask a moderator to gather Seer Insight (intel) on one faction at any time

          • Captains will then be delivered information detailing how many victory points and fortifications are being held in that faction’s base.


    • The Undead and humans cannot communicate and plan together. This breaks the game and goes against the spirit of the game.

    • Undeads wear bandanas on their heads (the ones given to the players at the start of the game) when unstunned, around their necks when stunned (immediately pull the bandanna to your neck when tagged).

    • An Undead becomes stunned if hit by a dart, sock, or melee weapon.

    • Stunned Undeads must leave the area immediately, and if in a combat situation, should put their hands in the air to indicate they are stunned. A stunned Undead may not interact with the game in any way other than verbal communication for the duration of the stun. Undeads are stunned for a duration of 1 minute. Please keep track of the time via your cell phone or by counting 60 Mississippi’s. Stunned Undeads may not follow humans and must leave the immediate area where they were stunned. They should be at least 100 feet away from all humans and out of sight of the group of humans that stunned them before starting their count.

    • If a stunned Undead is shot, his/her stun timer is reset and must begin their count again. 

    • Tagging:

      • A tag constitutes any touch of the hand on a human player (avoid inappropriate areas on the body). Tagging a blaster does not count. Anything that is worn by a human but not currently held in the hands (a backpack or holstered blaster, for example) is fair game for tagging.

    • Undeads can't pick up darts during play

    • The Undead can choose to run back to their spawn base for instant respawns

Global Rules

  • Remember Rule 0. DON’T BE A Jerk. Tensions may run high, please be understanding.


    • Please continue to participate after you get turned into an Undead. Quitting is unfair to the other players as it robs the Undead horde of well-earned numbers and the humans of their challenge. Besides, being an Undead is fun.

  • Utilize the honor system

    • If you tag or stun someone, tell him or her, and he or she will do the same for you. Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t immediately notice a hit; in the heat of the moment, it is hard to feel the contact or even hear someone calling a hit.

    • This means that when someone says you’ve been stunned or tagged, you probably have been, so go with what he or she says.

  • Moderators/Referees (wearing yellow sashes) are in charge of the game and they have the final say in case of disputes. Please remember that moderators are looking out for your safety and the safety of the other players as well as the game as a whole, so that we may continue to play in the future.

  • Comply with campus rules, as well as local, state and federal laws. Violating real-world laws will result in your referral to the appropriate agency and likely criminal prosecution. No breaking and entering, no sabotaging of school or game property, no exceptions.

  • You need to wear eye protection while playing at all times, no excuses, no full face masks.

  • 130 FPS is a soft cap, we will take the average of three shots through the chrono. if it doesn’t pass, you will need to use another blaster.

  • Do not put yourself or anyone else in a situation that is dangerous. Don’t show up under the influence of any mind-altering substance other than caffeine. 

  • You are not allowed to take or touch anyone’s equipment unless given permission by the owner. 

  • Everyone is expected to sweep for darts at the end of the game until all darts have been recovered. Please return all ammo, props, and key fobs to the registration area. 

  • The game is only played on school grounds, where “school grounds” are defined as the region inside the red border on this map: [map.png]

  • Bandanas

    • The bandana given during registration is used to indicate human or Zombie status. 

    • While playing and not in a safe zone, bandanas must be worn at all times. 

  • Safe zones

    • Safe zones include the inside of all buildings (no campus buildings will be open to us except bathrooms). No one can tag or be tagged when inside a safe zone.

    • You are not allowed to fire into a safe zone, but you may fire out from inside of permanent (buildings) safe zones. If you need to use the restroom during the game, you must remove your bandana and leave your blaster(s) at your base to be considered safe for the trip. 

    • Players must wear their bandannas at all times, though you do not have to wear it while in a safe zone or during the dinner break (amnesty period is from 5-6 pm).

    • When leaving a safe zone, humans have 10 seconds of invulnerability. You must count out loud using an “outdoor voice” (using 10 “Mississippi's” or “one thousands”) to receive this invulnerability. During this count, the human is not in play and cannot be tagged/stunned. Bandannas must be worn before leaving a safe zone.

      • If a human fires a blaster or throws a sock during the 10 seconds, their timer automatically runs out and invulnerability is immediately lost, and the fired dart or thrown sock will count as normal.

      • Invulnerability will only be in effect if the player is counting out loud.

  • Stairs are out of play

    • No one can tag, be tagged, stun, or be stunned while on staircases. We discourage people from running on stairs.

    • Players should only be on stairs for 15 Mississippi at a time. (No camping on the stairs!)

    • Once off staircases of 7 or more steps (fewer steps don’t count as stairs), players have an AUDIBLE count of 10 Mississippi of invulnerability. Undeads DO NOT receive staircase invulnerability.

    • You can only use the same staircase again after 10 Mississippi. DO NOT BLOCK PEOPLE on staircases in any way.

  • While on campus you must be in-game (wear your bandanna and carry your key fob, see human and Undead rules).

  • The rules are subject to change, and mission-specific rules may apply. It is the player’s responsibility to stay updated by reading the Discord event page and group feeds, or any alternate means necessary.

  • Disputes may arise in cases of questionable tags, stuns, or rule violations. If a dispute arises, you should raise your arms in the air, remove yourself from combat and speak to a moderator.

  • Moderators, Lieutenants, or Referees will decide at the time on an appropriate ruling. The first story that you tell will be taken to be the truth.



Special Undead mechanics ARE HERE!!!


  • Undead beast:

    • Undead beasts are leaders of the horde faction. They are large, mighty, and carry a giant Bazooka. Only one is ever seen leading the undead.

      • Undead beast must walk

      • Undead beast is identified by its bazooka.

      • They are immune to normal darts, but can still be affected by large ammo(mega, socks, rockets, etc.)

      • Their Rocket launcher fires rockets that stun players(look at Undead projectile Tags)

  • Tank (Hulk hands):

    • The melee version of the Undead beast. Where they lack a giant Bazooka make up with their large hands.

      • The tank must walk

      • They are immune to normal darts, but can still be affected by large ammo (mega, socks, rockets, etc.)

      • Both hands must touch the player to tag.

  • Hoard Mother:

    • The Hoard Mother name comes not from the fact they are female, as both genders have been observed, but by the fact they are always surrounded by the undead.

      • The Hoard mother is indicated by a sash with flags sticking to them.

      • The Hoard mother can quickly revive up to 5 zombies. After the Hoard mother needs to respawn to gain another 5 more charges.

        • Tagged Undead hold onto the Hoard mother for 3 secs (Mississippi) to respawn. Everything time an undead respawns using the Hoard mother a flagged is removed. Humans can use this information to see how many respawn they still have.

  • Spitter:

    • An undead with a ranged attack.

      • Indicated by a green sash across their bodies

      • They carry one sock which when thrown and touches a player, will stun (see Undead projectile Tags)

  • Whippers:

    • An undead with long sharp claws

      • Undead with pool noodle, pool noodles counts as an extension of the player's arm. They can be blocked by melee.

  • Bursters:

    • Large bloated undead full of bile.

      • Busters are indicated by a balloon attached to their body

      • Attacking them with melee will cause them to explode, killing the meleer



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