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Official General Rules And Safety

(Scroll down for game-specific rules.) 

Please see The Stalking Dead: Ragnarok, Superstock, and BTA 5v5 Rules below for more detailed information about those game types. 


We use blasters, not guns. We use darts, not bullets, and we tag each other and take “hits” during play.   


0.  Don’t be a jerk.

We are all here to have fun, poor sportsmanship and bad attitudes ruin other people’s fun and will not be tolerated. Please treat the moderators, helpers, players, and school grounds with respect. Clean up after yourself and monitor your minor children at all times to ensure they are following all rules and participating fairly. 


1.  Safety First.

Events are attended at your own risk and a parent or designated guardian must be present at all times if you are under 18, this is not a drop off event. The Stalking Dead: RAGNAROK is for ages 13 up. Superstock games on Sunday are 6 and up. Players ages 6-12 must have a parent playing with them at all times. The organizer or the property owner of the event site will NOT be held responsible for injuries or the loss or damage of personal property sustained during the event. Every player must have a waiver on file and have registered prior to playing.

Modified Blasters have a 130fps cap!

Eye protection is mandatory for all participants. (ie: glasses, sunglasses, clear/transparent face shield, goggles, etc.) Full masks are NOT ALLOWED...we must be able to see your face, period. This means no night vision goggles either. 

Do not bring any flashlights, period. Unless you are playing 5v5 or bringing socks (see our tutorial for accepted sock construction, coming soon), DO NOT BRING ANY, AND WE MEAN ANY AMMO. We will provide all ammo (Long, Short, Rival, Mega.) Plan accordingly. 


Physical contact with other players is prohibited. NO POINT BLANK SHOTS ABOVE THE TORSO! Headshots do count, but you should never be aiming for the head. Point your blaster lower and aim for the legs when getting within a few feet of another player, especially if your blaster is modified. If you are caught violating this rule, you will be asked to sit out or you may be banned entirely. Don’t do it.  


If a nonplayer/pedestrian is walking through the field, a player is injured (to the point that they are unable to move off the field of their own volition), or if there is some other threat to personal safety, you are obligated to call hold (raising a fist in the air and freezing). At any time during a round, a "Hold" may be called, which will temporarily pause that round. Players should repeat the call of Hold so that all other players hear until all play stops completely.  Do NOT move or change field position while a hold is called, consider yourself paused/frozen and wait for the whistle to resume play. Do not call a hold and stop the entire game for your own personal emergency if you can remove yourself from play safely and/or have an equipment malfunction.


2.  Equipment.

Don't touch other people's equipment, ever, without asking! This includes before, during and after gameplay. Players will drop equipment during play, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Only at the end of the day may equipment be brought to lost and found if it remains on the field of play. 

The Stalking Dead: Ragnarok Gameplay Rules


Gameplay Rules

Blaster Tag Association

Official 5v5 Rules

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